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Prepare yourself to save and save big on Ulust.com. My detailed adult webcam review lists all the inside facts regarding this extraordinary website and you better believe it

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Number of Hosts

Number of Web Cam Hosts

Now before I will tell you how many webcams are available on ULust.com I should first explain how this site works. Unlike other adult chat sites, here there is a strong interest in locality, so people who live in the same areas are able to interact with one another. What does it matter? Well, you at least have the illusion of possibly meeting the woman you watch and besides, many cammers do enjoy chatting with hosts from their area, because communication is smoother and can get more personal. You can still meet cam models from afar though, so it's really up to you.

Anyway, the number of web cams on ULust.com sounds like somebody just went along and made it up. The site claims to have over 8 million members, counting users and models, but I really wouldn't take this figure all that seriously.

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Cost And Billing


Now you all know I never joke about money, so you must have guessed that when I stated that ULust has some of the cheapest video chat rooms ever seen, I meant every word. This website doesn't rely on the standard credit system and instead goes for monthly packages, where users can chat all they want, but pay a monthly membership fee. As usual, the longer you pay in advance, the less per month it'll be. Standard Membership is free, but since it doesn't allow you to chat with anyone, what's the point? So, you're only real option is a Platinum membership and I will tell you all about its prices and details under the - you've guessed it - membership section.

Payment Methods

Not all that many credit cards and debits are accepted on ULust, but I'm sure most of you will be able to use one of the following payment methods.

  • Credit/Debit Cards:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • Diners Club
    • JCB
    • Maestro
  • Online Check
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Top Promotions

Top Promotions

  • Sign up for 3 month and get 3 months extra for FREE
  • Get a 3 day trial for $2.99 only
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Types of Memberships and Benefits

Types of Memberships and Benefits

As I mentioned before, there is only one type of membership that ought to interest you on ULust.com and that is the Platinum membership. Sure, you can spend many happy hours sending messages and looking through content, but really, we are all here because we are interested in web cameras, so save yourself the time and go for the Platinum right away.

Platinum Membership

The premium membership as I mentioned is the only one that includes chat room access, so it's the one that counts.

Cost to Join: 29.99 for one month and you get to send 10 free texts. 2 months will cost you $49.99 and you will get 2 extra months as a free bonus for a total of 4 months, plus 15 free texts. 3 months go for $59.99 with an additional bonus of 3 extra months, so you're really getting 6 month worth of full access AND 20 free texts. Sweet deal doesn't even come close to describing it – this is an unbelievable deal. Scared of long-term commitment? The 3 day trial is just $2.99 and you get 5 free texts.

Information Required: User name, Valid Email, Password, details such as BD and location and a Valid Credit Card.

  • Access to forums
  • Stream videos
  • Live Cams
  • Broadcast your own web camera feed
  • Send messages to members and hosts
  • Rate members and hosts
  • Browse pics
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Special Features

Special Features

ULust takes features extremely seriously, which makes sense when you take into account that this is one of those webcam sites that labels itself as a video chat community. And hey – some members will just stick to the free membership or the Gold one and enjoy the loads of features without even peeking into the livechat rooms, so I guess you can say that this genuinely is a cyber community. Not that I'm the friendly sort, but maybe you are. So, here are the interesting features on offer.

User Features
  • Manage a personal profile.
  • Upload pics
  • Manage a friends list
  • Manage favorites
  • Upload home vids
  • Send private messages – anonymous and regular ones
  • Browse content uploaded by other users
  • Send emails
  • Rate members and performers
  • Have a blog
  • Watch videos
Video Chat Features
  • Cam2Cam
  • Audio chat
  • Text chat
  • Adjust screen size
  • Control text size
  • Use emoticons
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Host Profiles

Hosts Profiles

Every member on ULust.com has the ability to construct a personal profile, and so do the hosts. These profiles can be extremely elaborated and enjoyable, or dreary – depending on how much time the person invests on them. This is somewhat of a problem in any adult webcam site that has so many members and webcam models – the consistency just doesn't exist. Still, I was surprised for the best by many of the profiles I saw, and this means that most of the women take them seriously.

  • General Info
  • Pictures
  • Homemade videos
  • A self description
  • Blog, if there is one
  • Personal wall
  • Rating

Notice that on top of the regular profiles, ULust also provides users with a quick peek into the secret thoughts of the performers, right on the Home Page. Under every small picture you will see a few words describing the nature of the dreams of the specific host and what she enjoys.

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Customer Service

Customer Support

Ulust.com has a very convenient online chat service which you can use – and you can see how it looks like in the screenshot below. Just click and a representative will answer your questions immediately. Hurray for technology, right?

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Currently ULust only operates in English, but the video chat rooms include just about any language imaginable and a few that I bet you haven't even heard of.

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Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of ULust.com


There aren't many sites that offer more video chat rooms or better prices than ULust. With millions of users from all over the world and an All You Can Chat offer included with your membership fee, guys who know what's good for them will be able to save a lot of money and watch all the live shows that they can handle. The choice of features is excellent and users that enjoy those amusing extras such as blogs, movies, pics and forums, will have plenty to do online between chats.


This site needs to become a bit more user friendly and offer newcomers some tips and assistance. Yes, the live support chat is a great tool, but a simple FAQ page and some clearer lists of what you get with each membership would be even more helpful.

Bottom Line:

Anyone who likes adult webcams will go crazy in the video chat rooms on ULust. Once you are a platinum member you could be chatting for 24/7 with women from all over the world, and even end up finding a few beautiful ones who live right in your very own home town. This website combines excellent prices with a nearly never-ending choice of web cameras and very enjoyable features. It's one of the best choices around for those looking for amateur chats for very low prices.

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Video Tutorials
Signing up to ulust.com: A Step by Step Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial #2 Coming Soon...
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