Safe and security


Reliable Processor

Make sure the site uses a reliable processor. You can research the processor yourself on the internet first to check out its validity. But be aware that big companies like CCBill and Epoch are good examples of reliable and trustworthy companies.


Contact the Websites

You can also contact the site yourself by phone or email first if you want to make sure they are a reliable and trustworthy site. If a site does not have any Customer Support whatsoever, don't use it.


Bigger Sites are Better

Be aware that most of the time the bigger a site is the more trustworthy it is because they are not interested in stealing small amounts of money from you when they have millions of users who they want to make happy.


Be Suspicious of New Webcam Sites

I would not recommend using a very new site that is still in its first 6 months. No one knwos it and no one knows if it's any good. Generally the longer a site has been around the more trustworthy it is and you can be sure that websites like ImLive and Streamate that have been operative for over a decade are extremely reliable.


Follow Up Purchase

Follow up with your purchase or credit for webcam chat. Check your credit card statement frequently and make sure they are no extra charges and that you have been charged the correct amount that you originally made.


No Recurring Charges & Limits are good

It is always better to use sites that don't have recurring charges and have spending limits because you can tell they are more legitimate just because of those factors.


Use other methods besides Credit Card

If you are still very skeptical about giving your credit card details to a webcam chat site using the methods of online wallet or pay pal is a way of avoiding it all together. By using the third party company all of your sensitive information cannot be shared with the webcam chat site but you can still make purchases. Although not every single site accepts this method most will and you just need to check the site to see if it does.


Privacy Billing

Almost every site also protects your privacy with discreet billing. On your statement the purchase will show up as a generic name in case you share the card with your spouse and you don't want them to see the charges. For example if you make a purchase with it will show up as Other sites just use the name of the processor.


Don't Be Naive

Yes, this stunning host may be telling you that you are her Prince Charming and that she truly and utterly loves you, but this is no excuse for giving her your credit card details. She is only a webcam performer and you know nothing about her motives.


Keep Track of Limited-time Memberships

The point of a trial membership is for you to forget that it exists. This will allow the site to overcharge you in a reoccurring fee which you agreed to in a tiny box when you signed up for the few days or 1 month trial. If you do decide to use a limited-time membership, make sure to write a reminded on your online calendar or whatever works for you, and 1 day before it ends cancel it, or at least consider if its worthwhile.


Guard Your Personal Info

You don't need to be paranoid, but do keep in mind that some people are out to get you. Guard your privacy by not publishing any real information such as yoru personal address, phone number, where you work, etc. Fake info is quite alright.


Read Adult Webcam Reviews in Advance

I know it's going to sound like I am patting myself on the shoulder here, but adult webcam reviews really are an excellent resource of information. Go through professional reviews of the website you plan on using and see if it actually delivers or is just a scam.


Read the Fine Print

You know all those tiny letters that appear at the end of the Terms and Conditions you juts click on? Read them. In some cases they will inform you that you are rquired to pay a lot more after awhiel or pay for something extra or thatyou agree to have your personal info used in all sorts of questionable manners. Remember: Online, no one is going to watch your back, so watch your own.