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I have to admit that when it comes to my own personal taste, I actually prefer the simpler looking sites. But that doesn't mean that I'd settle for poor quality galleries and videos. I like user friendly sites that make it very clear what I get and what I can profit from being a member.

My favorite adult webcam sites are the ones that offer free membership, keep on updating their promotions and deals as well as offering great membership rewards. That gives you the feeling that the site is alive, active and constantly thinking about its clients.

However, all the sites that had the honor to win at least three of my stars are worth your time and money. I tried to focus on the ones that seemed to offer the coolest features and the hottest cam hosts whilst saving you as much cash as possible.

Serious adult cam sites offer a lot of diverse dishes on their menus. To make the most of the deals and offers available, my advice is to click on whatever your eye is drawn to. For all beginners and newcomers to the site, I always recommend you take it nice and easy. Don't be too eager to taste it all in one place.

Take your time to easily check out the all sites and explore all they have to offer you. Not everything that shines is gold. Sometimes, the fancy looking sites are the most disappointing whilst dull looking ones can make up for it with lower rates. So the choice is in your hands, depending on your mood and needs.

If I was stuck on a desert island and had to choose only 3 adult webcam sites to keep myself occupied, they would have to be:

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