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Get involved with the BongaCams community and start having the time of your life. This website is full of video chat models, superior live cam features and a range of competitions and promotions that will keep you on your toes. I have been composing adult webcam reviews for awhile now, so it is somewhat difficult to surprise me, but this site has managed to get me all worked up. Now you can go through the entire site and look for the relevant information and I assure you it’s there because this site really hides nothing. Can’t be bothered or don’t have the time? Read my complete BongaCams review and you will have all the details you need.

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Number of Hosts

Number of Web Cam Hosts

BongaCams has around 4,000 performers and even at off-peak times there are around 100 online chat rooms. The site also encourages users to become models, but this calls for a bit of a wild side and shamelessness which I admit I am lacking.

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Cost And Billing


I have always appreciated websites that tell you right off the bat how much the video chatting will cost you. BongaCams goes even further by supplying a detailed and accurate price list that any user can simply go through. It’s no wonders though, because this site has nothing to be embarrassed of. Prices are more than reasonable and users will get an awful lot of chatting done for the cost of a single cocktail in an LA bar. I especially like the fact that chat minute is fixed, not a range, so you don’t have to always question models about how much they charge or wonder if you remembered to check the pricing before you invited her to private.

Okay, ket’s run thorough this quickly: 1 token is between € 0.08 - 0.19, depending on the packages you select. Spy chat is 7 tokens per minute, group chat is 15 tokens per minute and private video chats go for 30 tokens per minute. A full private chat is the most expensive choice and its price tag is 45 tokens per minute. Tipping is 20, 50. 100 or 200 tokens and what the model needs to do for you to tip her 200 I know not, but I am guessing it calls for flexibility.

Credit on VideoChat.com

The credit packages on BongaCams are very convenient, because you can purchase just a few Euro’s worth of tokens, if you want to look around first without spending too much. There are larger packages as well though and from what I;ve seen, you’ll be shopping for those soon enough.

  • 1.99 Euro buy you 15 Tokens, approximately 0.133 Euro per token
  • 4.99 Euro buy you 40 Tokens, approximately 0.125 Euro per token
  • 9.99 Euro buy you 90 Tokens, approximately 0.111 Euro per token
  • 24.99 Euro buy you 250 Tokens, approximately 0.10 Euro per token
  • 49.99 Euro buy you 525 Tokens, about 0.095 Euro per token
  • 74.99 Euro buy you no less than 835 Tokens, which is around 0.090 Euro per token, give or take a decimal point.
Payment Methods

As you can spot from the following list, most major credit cards and debits are accepted on BongaCams. If you don’t like to use yours, or have cut it up in half in the shock following the last charge, feel free to use the Wire Transfer or the growingly popular SMS payment option.

  • Credit/Debit Card:
    • Visa
    • Visa bleue
    • Visa Electron
    • Visa Debit
    • MasterCard
    • Master Card Debit
    • Maestro
    • Discover
    • JCB
  • Wire Transfer
  • SMS Payment
Payment Processors
  • SegPay (Your card is billed as SegpayEU.com*Glisser Trade)
  • Epoch (Your card is billed as Epoch.com*Glisser Trade)
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Top Promotions

Top Promotions

  • Get up to 5 bonus Tokens on Your First Purchase
  • Cash Back – The 5 top spenders of each and every single day win extra tokens – as many as 200 for the biggest spender of the day. Get this promo
  • Invite Your friends – If they spend time on paid chat rooms, you win tokens
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Types of Memberships and Benefits

Types of Memberships and Benefits

I simply adire the Bonga Cams motto: No Monthly Charges, No Hidden Fees, No Shady Business, and this site defiantly stands behind those words. There are only 2 types of membership available on BongoCams and they are borh totally free. How come, you ask? Read through. I list all the information below.

Basic Membership

The standard BongoCams membership is the first step you need to take in order to start chatting. You don’t need a credit card or even an email confirmation. Simply sign up and get going. There are, however, 2 minuses to this type of membership – first: You can’t watch shows and second: You keep getting an annoying pop-up, urging you to upgrade.

Cost to Join: FREE
Information Required: User name, email (doesn’t have to be valid, since no email confirmation is needed), Password.
  • Free chats
  • Build your user profile
  • View models’ profiles
  • View models’ pictures
  • Access all account settings
Gold Membership

After awhile you will get awfully tired of that pain-in-the-ass pop-up window reminding you to upgrade and besides – what is the point of any live cam membership is you can’t watch group and private shows? So, you will end up upgrading. Don’t worry: It’s free as well and there are no subscription fees.

Cost to Join: FREE, just buy tokens in any amount.
Information Required: Credit Card number.
  • Receive up to 5 Tokens bonus on your first purchase
  • Unlimited free video chat room access
  • Use full screen view
  • Ability to watch all types of show – for a price
  • Get alerts
  • Manage a friends List (which is really just a favorite list)
  • Send unlimited private messages
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Special Features

Special Features

BongaCams.com has got some pretty funky features and I will list the ones worth mentioning for your knowledge.

User Features
  • Friend List – Just like a Favorite List. Why the different name? Beats me – A Rise by Any Other Name and all, but these days every site wants to be special.
  • Money Back – Top daily spenders win some cash back. Get this promo
  • Invite Your Friends to Join BongaCams and Get Tokens – IF they buy tokens and use them that is
  • Use Account Setting
  • Manage Your Personal Profile
  • Receive Notifications – When your Friends go online
  • Manage a Preferred Users list
  • Send Tips
  • Follow Your Own Profile Feeds and That of Your Friends
  • The weekly BongaCams Queen contest – At the end of every week, the 3 top-earning performers receive a prize - $1000 for the winner, $200 for the first runner up and $100 for the second runner up. You can see who won on any week, and on previous weeks, and hence choose the most-popular and hopefully the best webcam models.
  • The weekly BongaCams Top 15 Contest - At the end of every week, the top 15 models with the highest number of BongaCams points win a prize – as high as $500 for the 1st place winner. Users can see the lists and use them to choose better-rated models.
Video Chat Features
  • Cam to Cam
  • HD Webcams
  • Very clear audio
  • Full screens how mode
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Host Profiles

Hosts Profiles

The host profile pages on BongaCams are far from being exciting. They are pretty amateur-looking and not especially noteworthy. The only thing about them that is a bit unique is the fact that they imitate the FaceBook feed by showing you what the specific model has been up to, They also feature the following information:

  • About the model
  • Her likes and dislikes
  • Models’ pictures
  • Appearance and measurements
  • The model’s friends
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Customer Service

Customer Support

You can contact the BongaCams support by a few mens:

  • Fill in the online help form
  • Contact by Skype to bongacams
  • Send an email to support@bongacams.com
  • Call by phone to (+372) 585-264-31

There is no FAQ page on BongaCams. Shameful. I urge the site t gather up some Frequently Asked Questions and get to it.

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With 26 languages to choose from, I feel that it’s safe to say that you will be able to enjoy this website, never mind where in the world you are from. I also give BongaCams thumbs up for actually writing the names of the languages in the specific language (Yep – it’s says Chinese in Chinese) instead of using the impossible flag system which calls for superman vision and an extensive knowledge of geography.

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Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of BongaCams


So many plus sides, so little time. This website has got loads of nice features, a video chat community vibe, descent prices and an excellent choice of models. Also, it really delivers on its promise by not having any extra charges, hidden fees or fine print that you later live to regret.


In all honesty, the biggest downside of this website is its somewhat stupid name, because in all other respects it really is pretty incredible. The profile pages are really the only other thing that I would change, spicing them up a tad.

Bottom Line:

BongoCams is a fresh choice in the adult webcam world and a highly-recommended one. Don’t waste too long on the basic membership, because you’ll just end up saying no thanks to the suggestion you purchase tokens like a million times. Instead, buy a few, get the bonus, start a live show and enjoy. From what I’ve seen this site will make sure you will always enjoy yourself online.

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