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AllCams.com boasts a whopping 44,500 registered hosts between all its categories which simply towers above its competition. However a vast number of these are not offering live adult chat and it's more than light on the features compared to most other sites. While some chats run for a high-price, the average cost of a private 1on1 live chat is 2.89 credits per minute which is good value for money and isn't so expensive.

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Number of Hosts

Number of Web Cam hosts

There is a staggering number of over 44,500 webcam hosts listed to this gigantic amateur website but only a fraction will be online when you sign up. Also keep in mind that this number counts in the non-adult categories and as such is far from offering an accurate view of the number of options. That being said, you will rarely find less than 2300 online performers in the adult webcam category, never mind when you log on.

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Cost And Billing


Price range on AllCams is pretty significant, but that’s what you get when you deal with non-professional webcam performers. It is therefore important to check the specific cost of each model and not to just click automatically and end up paying a huge sum at the end.

  • Private 1on1 video chatting with a “Not So Shy” host is $0.75 – $2.50 per minute of a public session and $1.10 – $4.99 for a private chat minute.
  • Instant Action Adult Chats cost $1.70 – $3.00 a minute for the public shows and $2.00 - $5.00 for a minute in the private ones.
  • Group Live Shows – More than 2 people on the other side of the webcam, go for $2.50 – $3.75 per minute and a private show with the same composition is $2.50 – $3.74 per minute.

There are many other categories, but really, since the price range is so huge, it is best to go and check out the models you like for yourself.

Credit on AllCams.com

Payment system at AllCams is different than it is on most webcam sites. Instead of purchasing credit in blocks, here the cash is taken directly from your account for each live session. It’s called they use "Continuous Billing". This has upsides (no extra cash is left and forgotten on the websites) and downside (longer payment approval and you have to have money in your account). Another obvious downside is that you usually end up spending more, because you won’t be stopped by lack of credits.

Paying for Videos

Webcam video playbacks at AllCams vary between Public Sessions and Private ones. Public session videos are between $0.60 and $4.80 per minute and private sessions are $0.78 – $6.00 which is really a bit pricy for a cam clip, if you want my opinion.

Payment Methods:

It’s a bit surprising, but a site of AllCams size still manages to stay behind with extremely limited payment options. You must have a credit card to sign up and it must be one of two types:

  • Credit Cards
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
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Top Promotions

Top Promotions:

  • Free Registration
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Types of Memberships and Benefits

Types of Memberships and Benefits

There are really only 2 types of memberships on AllCams, the basic free one and the paid one. They each have their own benefits and they are as following:

Free Membership

Upon entering AllCams.com you will be able to register for free and with not too much hassle. You can use this membership to look around and evaluate the site’s advantages – as well as disadvantages of course.

Cost to Join: Free

Information Required: User name, password, valid email, Valid Credit Card for verification only.


  • Free text chatting
  • Access to the cam models’ profiles
  • Free sample small pics of the performers
  • Free sample big photos of the hosts (if they have any)
  • Free Video Chat Rooms (if hosts offer them)
Standard Membership

A standard member is any free member that purchases credit, it really is that simple. Of course this immediately gives you full access to all the content on the site, as long as you have enough credit on your account that is.

Cost to Join: Free

Info Needed: Valid credit card.


All those given to free members AND:
  • Live adult chats with performers.
  • Favorite List
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Special Features

Special Features:

AllCams is an amateur webcam site and as such many of its features depend exclusively on what the performers have on their private webcams. In some cases you will enjoy amazing quality picture with many camera features and in others you’ll see low-quality pic with no additional video features at all. Still, here are some popular user and webcam feature that the site has.

User Features
  • Photos – Offered both on the hosts’ profile pages and on the picture archives.
  • Videos – Some models have them, but keep in mind that many won’t.
  • Favorite List – A useful tool that you can find on the HomePage when you are a registered member.
Video Chat Features
  • Cam 2 Cam – A two way cam feature where you can let the host watch you while you see the live show.
  • HD web cams – Offered by some hosts, but definitely not by all.
  • High Quality Cams – Meaning good-quality of video streaming.
  • Adult Games – Many types of online games that you can play with the webcam hosts, for a price.
  • Adult card games – Played with the chat room hosts.
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Host Profiles

Hosts Profiles

As it is clear by my screenshot below, the host profiles on AllCams are nothing to write home about. You can run into some nice-looking ones with great pictures and excellent descriptions, but many lack basic information and look very amateur. The one in my screenshot sums it up pretty clearly – it just looks too empty. In any case, the information found on the cam host profile includes:

  • Category – Is the host here “to meet new friends”, “look for love”, “have casual fun”, etc.
  • Viewer Ratings
  • Any Webcam Feature Offered
  • Physical Features
  • Schedule – Not really reliable. Can also just state: “Whenever possible”.
  • Likes and Dislikes.
  • Languages spoken.
  • What can you expect on the live chat room
  • Reason for being on AllCams.
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Customer Service

Customer Support

In spite of its amateur appearance, AllCams.com runs a practical, efficient Customer Service. You have 4 ways to contact the site and their service is very helpful and friendly.

  • Contact the site using a form, just like the one appearing in the screenshot below. Just fill in the details of your inquiry and they get back to you ASAP.
  • Contact via phone, and there are several numbers for different areas in the world:
    • USA: (602) 926-8948
      +1 (602) 926-8948 (International)
    • Netherlands: (20) 524-1591
      +31-20-524-1591 (International)
    • UK: (0207) 681-1364
      +44 20-7681-1364 (International)
    • Australia: (02) 9475-0549
      +61-(2) 9475-0549 (International)
  • Contact using a regular mail address, AKA snail-mail:
    CC Network Inc / LVCW
    Zekeringstraat 17
    1014 BM
    Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Contact through a fax.


The AllCams FAQ page covers any topic from billing issue to general questions about the site. However, it does not commit to anything specific on the video chat rooms (since according to the site rules, performers decide on their own what to do and for how much), so many basic questions still remain unanswered.

If you want to locate the FAQ page I would like to reassure you that it's not just easy to find, it's strangely listed twice. The Viewer FAQs and the FAQ pages are the same ones, which is alright since they do include all the info you need, and why do they need to have different names I know not.

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As is fitting in an amateur cam site with video chat rooms from all over the world, there are many languages spoken on AllCams chatrooms. The website itself, however, is offered only in English. Here are the main languages that you’ll find on AllCams:

You can search for a specific language by using the Search Tool and can easily tell which cam model speaks what languages just by looking at the Who's Online page, or right on her profile. However, the flags don't reveal a text when you put the mouse over them, so if you're weak at geography, now is the time to reacquaint yourself.

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Arabic
  • Lithuanian
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Flemish
  • Chinese
  • Hebrew
  • Norwegian
  • Romanian
  • Latvian
  • Greek
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Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons


The endless video chat rooms and the always updated shows keep AllCams interesting and lively 24/7. There are no Off-Peak hours here. It’s always full of cheerful, friendly people. The amateur shows are more enthusiastic than any professional model can ever be and in some cases prices are so low, that you just won’t believe your eyes.


The messy arrangement and the lack of set rules make AllCams difficult on the organized webcam user. Nothing is certain and when hosts set their own, individual rules, you never really know what you’re going to get and how much you’ll have to pay for it.

Bottom Line:

With a database of over 40,000 web cam hosts you’d assume that a website can’t go wrong, but AllCams offers a rare balance of strong points and downsides. Many cammers who arrive at this site swear that it is the best cam option on the net, but others find themselves frustrated by its amateur-style approach.

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