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Check out the new and improved of This relatively fresh website has always been innovative and it keeps dishing up new designs and funky options that keep users on their toes. This free cam community is buzzing with fantastic people and you won’t be able to decide which chat room to look into first. Read my updated webcam review below and then try out this site’s new version.

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Number of Webcam Hosts

There are approximately 2100 registered hosts on The average number of online hosts is 84, but depending on what time you are online the number will vary.



These days as the financial crisis doesn’t seem to be getting any better it’s nice to know that there are still webcam chat sites like around where you don’t have to spend a lot to have a really great video chat session. The cost of chat varies on depending on the type of chat you would like to have. As well the cost of clips varies on the type. Here is a quick list of the average prices. Notice though that the tipping option kind of changes the options a bit, because if users tip enough, even on free chat, anything can happen. claims that when you upgrade your membership, you will receive a bonus of 20 free credits, as the screenshot below shows. However, this is not exactly true since this “gift” isn’t given to anyone who purchases credit, but only to those who purchase the monthly subscription. In my opinion this offer is a bit misleading because as a paying member you will be able to enjoy all the options listed under the Special Limited Time Offer, but will still not get the 20 bonus credits, unless you pay for the subscription.

After you log on as a free member, you will see the actual offer, as shown in the screenshot below. Notice that the same offer stands, but here all of a sudden it’s not Time Limited, and it’s not just for upgrading, but for purchasing the subscription. I must confess that I dislike inaccuracies and empty promises, so I hope will be more clear on this matter from the get go.


You can purchase credits in the following amounts:

Payment Methods: Billing:


Top Promotions:


Types of Memberships and Benefits

There are 2 types of memberships on, and a monthly subscription fee. Even before you sign up, you can still look around and enjoy free chats, but I am not going to consider this option a membership because you haven’t actually signed up yet.

Standard Free Membership

This is the very basic type of membership on It takes like 5 seconds to complete and then you are only left with the choice of which credit package to go for. Notice though that this membership has a $200 spending limit.

Cost to Join: Free. Can’t y’all read? It’s called a standard free membership.

Information Required: Unique user name, password, valid email.


Premier Membership Club

Why isn’t this membership just called “membership” but a “club”? I don’t know, but in all honesty it is hardly a membership. It’s just a pass that you get to spend more than the fixed limit of $200 that the site keeps for standard members. You must be a standard member for at least 1 full month before you can apply for this membership.

Cost to Join: It’s free. Duh. You are asking to spend extra cash. The site isn’t going to charge you for the right to do so.

Information Required: Call the Premier Membership Toll Free Hotline at 1-888-292-6466, for locals, or the international at 001-786-522-0597 and you will receive all the information you need.


Premium Subscription:

Now, I know this is a tad confusing, but try and stay focused and I am sure that I can lead you through this. The subscription is kind of like a membership, but not really, because you can just add it to your Premium Members’ Club membership or your Standard Membership. In any case, what it means is that you pay a fixed fee and you get some added benefits. Not that many though, so look through the following list before you sign up.

Cost to Join: $19.95 per month.

Information Required: Credit Card.


All those given to standard members AND:


Special Features:

Notice that unlike other webcam sites that only offer the regular mishmash of amateur videos, on you will also find a special category for exclusive Premium HD vids. If you like streaming some clips from time to time, the high definition is definitely an intriguing addition.

Video Chat features:


Host Profiles Contain:

Generally speaking I like the profile pages on They're not very inventive as far as information goes and I do think that they could be a bit more personal, but they do let you check out all the important facts. I especially like the fact that all pictures can be enlarged by a simple clips and all in all I found that the majority of models uploaded a lot of images and made their profiles worth a visit. I've added a screenshot of a sample profile but of course – performers are different so don't expect all the pages to look the same.


Navigation and Search does not provide as detailed search option as most other sites do. So if you want to find something very specific you cannot find as quickly as you would on other sites because you have to do some of the research yourself.

Navigation Categories: Search Options: Display hosts according to 5 different options:

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Customer Support

The customer support department is open every day of the week 7am to 11pm EST to help you live with any issues you have. I have added the banner to show you what you need to click to get their attention. You can also contact the department by phone - 866-607-6031 for USA residents or 001 (786) 522-0596 international and those of you who prefer to write are invited to email to [email protected] You will find the contact information at the bottom of the “How it Works” Page on the website.


The customer service page has a whole list of frequently asked questions that can save you the time and hassle of contacting the customer support department.



The site is only available in English and hosts are only available in English.


Advanced technology makes chatting on the site very pleasurable. The quality of picture is quite amazing and really adds to enhance your whole video chat experience on What I also really like about the site is that even when you have decided to begin an adult webcam chat the site only brings it up on half of the screen at first, leaving the other half still open for you to browse through other chat options. So, you can try out one chat while still being on the lookout for something else.


The site has very limited search options which is not very convenient if you are trying to find hosts with specific characteristics, such as long hair or brown eyes. You can eventually find the hosts you want, it will just take you more time as you need to go through all performers in each category by yourself.

Bottom Line:

Although it’s not the most eye catching site and doesn’t have a really sleek design to it you can still find really great performers who give good quality shows for a reasonable price. Also the advance technology the site uses makes webcam chatting with hosts relaxing at high speed streaming.

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