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Prepare for a whole new world of live webcam chat that could change the way you meet hosts online forever. My Free Cams doesn't ask you to sign up and doesn't insist on you buying credit to chat online with any number of their 10,000 registered hosts. This is a fresh and brave concept that has sent shockwaves through all the live adult webcams on the net and has succeeded in the process. Read a full web cam review of this live video chat site and see what it offers and how it works.

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Number of Web Cam hosts

There are more than 10,000 registered hosts on My Free Cams and an average of 400 can be found online at any given time.

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Average cost for a private cam chat is as following: Tips and Tokens

The first time you buy credit on you'll only one option – being 200 tokens for $19.99, which comes up to 0.10 per token and really is a pretty great deal in all accounts. You will also receive an instant upgrade to premium member and can then continue to purchase other token packages as following:

Or you can click on the Smaller Token Packages link at the bottom and thereafter choose between numerous token packages ranging from $1.49 for 10 token to $9.99 for 95 tokens in $0.50 intervals. This means you can purchase 15 tokens for $1.99, 20 tokens for $2.49, 25 tokens for $2.99, etc. You get the picture I hope. If you are still having difficulties, look at the nice screenshot that I made for you, all by myself.

After being a Premium Member for awhile you can purchase even bigger token packages, if you want, and for even better prices.

Another nifty option offered on MyFreeCams is the Bank Wire Transfer. This is a very convenient way of transferring cash without using your credit card, but it has some disadvantages. First of all, in most cases you will need to actually go to the bank, physically, in order to transfer the money. Second, the minimum purchase is 3750 tokens for $300.00, which is a lot of tokens, albeit for a very reasonable price. Finally keep in mind that such services usually entail a pretty stiff commission of around $20, so if you do use it, purchase a lot of tokens at once, to save on future commissions.

My Free Cams states that if you purchase additional tokens above the stated amount they will cost you only $0.08 per token. Notice that no money refunds are available for this specific service and you can only be offered refunds in tokens.

Payment Methods:

MyFreeCams has all the standard credit cards as well as a Money Transfer option. You can easily pay for tokens and the site's extensive Privacy Policy will tell you in details how they secure your transactions.



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Top Promotions

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Types of Memberships and Benefits:

On MyFreeCams all memberships are free of charge, but there are certain advantages to upgrading. Plus, since this videochat site is a real community, you will be wise to create a free account so that you can convert with other members and take part in the active cyber community life. Note that you can look around the webcams without even signing up, but for an actual use of the site’s best features, you will need to pay.

Again, as stated above, all of the video cam memberships on My Free Cams are free of charge, but you do have two basic types of memberships that are important to note.

Basic members

Upon choosing a nickname and password you immediately become a member. All you need to do is choose your username and password, and you’ll get a verification link to use on the site.

Cost to Join: Free
Info Needed: Valid email, password, nickname of your choice
Benefits: Premium Members

A Premium Member is any free member who purchases tokens on My Free Cams. You don’t even need to have tokens in your account to be counted as a Premium Member, only to have had some in your account once. Once you’ve spent money on the site once, you are given a lifetime Premium Membership.

Cost to Join: Free, just purchase tokens.
All those given to free members PLUS: To top


Special Features

My Free Cams is BIG on special features and you have many of them, almost anywhere you look. Here are just a few of the most popular ones (because listing all of them will most likely take all day).

Special User Features

The Miss MyFreeCams Contest

Anotehr exclusive feature on this site that deserves a section of its own is the Miss MyFreeCams Contest. This is basically a fun competition between models where the 100 models who win the highest number of tokens each month win prizes. The top ranking model is crowned Miss MyFreeCams. The list is a very useful tool for users who want to find the most popular models on the site. You can see who are the top 100 models of the current month's contest as well as the final top 20 from previous months.

Video Chat Features
  1. Set the picture box to view your live chat at three different sizes, ranging from a quarter of the screen to a full screen.
  2. Zoom in and out and enjoy close up angle with the easy to use tabs.
  3. Turn your cam On or Off
  4. Turn the chat sound on or off
  5. Use Emoticons
  6. Change the font size
  7. Move on to the next video chat room, an especially useful feature when you don’t know what it is you’re looking for
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Hosts Profiles

The information found on the hosts' profiles on this site is plentiful but a bit of a mess. Users can leave their own remarks and it’s sometimes hard to figure out where is what, but you can still figure out the most important things. Here is a quick list of the info offered on each profile:

Private Webcam Communication

MyFreeCams puts a lot of emphasis on communication between members and hosts. This goes with the website’s image of being a friendly cyber community. There are a few interactive features that allow you to chat with other users or hosts.

Customize Your Chatting

At MyFreeCams you are invited to customize all your personal areas and communicative tools. Your definitions will be kept and the same font will be used in video chats and Private Messages. Here are a few ways to identify yourself in your own unique style.

Profile Settings

Since is more of an adult webcam community than another livecam website, the separation between so called clients and hosts is not very clear. As I mentioned, users can upload their own web camera feeds and allow other members to stream it online, which really makes them a kind of cam models, and they can also manage their own personal profiles. There are many things that each MyFreeCams user can do on a standard personal profile page, and you can find all the optional settings when you click on your nickname in the right corner of the upper navigation bar.

Sharing Your Live Webcam

On any user is free to share webcam feeds with other users. When you click on the “Start My Webcam” link on the Personal Menu, you private cam will become visible for other users. It is completely free of charge and you can define who is allowed to watch the live cam stream in your Personal Options.

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Getting around My Free Cams is relatively simple, but you have to know what you’re looking for. While all the main paths are clearly marked and there are big buttons that clearly explain where they will lead you, there are so many features and so many cyber cam activities that without knowing where you are heading, you will probably miss some fun options. Take a minute to read the FAQ to get a general idea about your possibilities.

I especially like the right side navigation bar on MyFreeCams. It's pretty unique and includes some options that you won't find elsewhere such as a list of most popular video chat rooms, list of model tags and list of member tags.

Search Option

The best searching tool offered on is the Filter/Sort option which lets you narrow down the full online model list according to fixed preferences. Other than that you won’t find many “popular categories” to choose from or ideas for specific searches. It is a useful tool, but the site could probably do better by offering more suggestions and idea for searches for newcomers. The only category that does get its own attention on this website is the Asian webcams.

I also want to point out the Cam Preview option within the Sort/Filter tool. I already mentioned it briefly on my Feature section, but I know most of you guys don’t bother reading the fine print. Anyway, this is a very helpful display mode which lets you see all the live chat rooms with pictures taken from the last minute. This is a huge time saver as you can tell how the model looks like today and even in what she is currently up to. You can even choose between small webcam previews and large ones, and I’ve got to handed to – the bigger pictures are really amazing. It’s like no other search display mode that I’ve ever seen before.

MyFreeCams search filter

Model Explorer

Another great search tool on is called Model Explorer. It's an exclusive feature that allows users to see the answers models game to specific questions or to see their picture with just one single attribute such as education, hair or day job. This is a fun way of getting a taste of models' characteristics and personalities, but keep in mind that if you choose the more detailed questions such as "5 things I can't live without", you will end up with as many answers as there are hosts.

However, as the screenshot below shows, if you pick a variance like Hair and type in the word Blonde, you will get to all of the light-haired hosts and that is a very useful tools for users with specific preferences.

MyFreeCams search filter

Other Adult Webcam Categories

Transsexual cam sites reviews--> Ebony review

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Customer Support has a helpful customer support that can be accessed with any question, inquiry or complaint. It even has “We Already Know” list with problems that the site is already working to fix. You can access the support in two ways:


Before you send a question, be sure to check the FAQs, which cover many topics that you may have concerns about and will save you the need of a correspondence.

MyFreeCams is clearly aware of how the huge number of features can confuse some users and it has an extensive Frequently Asked Questions page, which is designed like a Wiki page. It in informative, helpful and doesn’t hide any important fact and it is superbly organized. Before you send a question, be sure to check the FAQs, which cover many topics that you may have concerns about and will save you the need of a correspondence.

MyFreeCams faq



Currently MyFreeCams is operative in English only, but we did see some webcam models who speak different languages. That isn’t much help though, because you won’t be able to find them unless you type a name of a language in the Free Search option.


The best reason to pick My Free Cams is that this is the only site where you can actually view live shows on webcams with no strings attached and FREE of charge. The website is friendly, takes a fresh, frank approach and has so many features that you’ll never get through them all.


Being relatively new and growing exponentially, MyFreeCams looks and organizing skills have not yet matched its growth. The site is a bit of a mess and the graphic is far from being perfect.

Bottom Line

It’s not easy for a newcomer to compete in the live web camera arena, but with unbeatable prices and an honest approach, this site deserves some special attention. The atmosphere on MyFreeCams is fun, enthusiastic and you’ll immediately feel as though you are part of this bubbly cyber community.

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